I feel really blessed to have covered a lot of beautiful weddings the past year. It’s such an overwhelming experience to shoot almost every day since October 2012 up to the present. I must admit that I have barely time to rest but what keeps me going is the wonderful people I meet and work with.

 I’ve decided to finally attend a bridal fair (the biggest) so I can personally meet and greet clients. We had less than 2 weeks to prepare for the Getting Married Bridal Fair and I just can believe that we’re part of it and today is already the last day! To those who are planning to book our services, you still have today to visit our booth so you can avail of great discounts!

Let me share with you some photos I quickly took last Friday! A million thanks to all those who visited and booked at the bridal fair last Friday and Saturday. Our 2013 is pretty much jam-packed already and 2014 is starting to get crazy too! Thanks for the love people! :)

jaja bridal fair booth

Meet Jill, my ever reliable operations manager! Request her to sing a Taylor Swift song and she’s definitely going to nail it!

jaja calling card design

Super love my calling card! Design by Danika Rio Navarro and Gian Aguilar

bridal fair booth of jaja samaniego

beautiful wedding photos

We have Postcards you can take home for free!

elagant albums

Of course, take a glimpse of our beautiful line of elegant wedding and prenup books.

bridal fair

Busy Busy Jill! Smile!

jaja lifestyle photography office


Top 5 Wedding Supplier of the Year

Visit our Booth today and avail of special gifts! Don’t forget to take pictures too!